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Citalopram is a serious medicine for depression and other problems with signs that might stop you from appreciating your daily life.

If you are going to provide Celexa to a kid or adolescent struggling with misery you must stabilize the danger with the medical requirement, as antidepressants have actually been stated to induce suicidal thoughts in clients more youthful than 18.

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* Events stated by at least 2 % of individuals treated with citalopram are stated, besides the belowing events which had an incidence on inactive medicine ≥ citalopram: headache, asthenia, lightheadedness, irregularity, palpitation, vision uncommon, sleep condition, uneasiness, pharyngitis, micturition problem, back pain.

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The infant serum levels on days 25 and also 53 stood for 0.9 % and also 1.8 % of the mommies serum degrees, respectively.